Sir John Tenniel, Birthday 28 Feb (Illustrator)

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Sir John Tenniel was born in London on 28th February 1820
He worked for 50 years on the Punch magazine and did the illustrations for Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s adventures in wonderland.
Sir John died in London on 25th February 1914

Sir John tenniel

Sir John tenniel Alice

Dolf Zwerver, Birthday 27 Feb (Painter)

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Dolf Zwerver was born in Nijehaske, NL on 27th February 1932
He was discovered due to a compertition the Sunday Painter.
Dolf died in Utrecht on 22nd January 2010

Dolf Zwerver

Dolf Zwerver art

Geert Schuitema, Birthday 27 Feb (Artist)

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Geert Paul Hendrikus Schuitema was born in Groningen NL on 27th February 1897
He was a graphic artist and his work would be considered contempory today.
Geert died in Wassenaar on 25th October 1973.

Paul Schuitema

pul Schuitena 1

James Innes, Birthday 27 Feb (Painter)

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James Dickson Innes was born in Llanelli Wales on 27th February 1887
He mainly painted landscapes and mountains, unfortunately he died of TB at the age of 27.
James died in a nursing home in Swanley Kent on 22nd August 1914

James Innes

James Innes Sunny Evening

Joaquin Sorolla, Birthday 17 Feb (Painter)

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Joaquin Sorolla Y Bastida was born in Valencia on 27th February 1863
He liked to paint sunlight paintings, unfortunately he suffered a massive stroke in 1920.
Joaquin Sorrolla died in Madrid on 10th August 1923.

Joaquin Sorolla self portrait

Joaquin Sorolla the beach at barritz

Tex Avery, Birthday 26 Feb (Animator)

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Frederick Bean Avery (TEX) was born in Texus on 26th February 1908
He was an animator and cartoonist and invented Bugs bunny along with many of our favourite cartoons.
Tex died of liver cancer in California on 26th August 1980.

Tex Avery

Tex Avery Bugs buny

Hildo krop, Birthday (Sculptor)

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Hildebrand Lucien Krop was born in Steenwijk on 26th February 1884
He was a Duch Sculptor and furniture designor, well known in Amsterdam.
Hildo died on 20th August 1970 and is buried in Zorgvlied.

Hildo Krop

Hildo krop sculptor