Pascin, Birthday 31st March, (Bulgarian Painter)

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Jules Mordecai Pascin was born in Vidin Bulgaria on 31st March 1885.
He was a water-colourist of mainly prostitutes but sometimes normal life.
Pascin took his own life just before a solo show in Montmartre on 5th June 1930.


Pascin art

Fortunato Depero, Birthday 30th March, (Italian Artist)

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Fortunato Depero was born in Fondo Italy on 30th March 1892.
In 1915 he wrote the manifesto Ricostruzione futurista dell’universo (“Futurist Reconstruction of the Universe”).
Fortunato died due to Diabetes in Rovereto on 29th November 1960.

Fortunato Depero

Fortunato Depero art