Artist Birthday 31st January, Robert Clatworthy

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Artist Birthday 31st January

Robert Clatworthy was born in Bridgewater Somerset England on 31st January 1928

he was an amazing sculpture who was part of the Grometry of fears group.

Robert became a recluse and died in Llandovery Wales on 15/32015

Robert Clatworthy  Robert Clatworthy Sculprure

Artist Birthday 29th January, Albert Tucker

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Artist Birthday 29th January.

Albert Lee Tucker was born in Melbourne Australia on 29th January 1914

He was an Expressionist artist but also part of the Heide Circle of Modernist painters, he started his career painting houses at the early age of 14 and progressed to fame and fortune during his life.

Albert died in Melbourne on 23rd October 1999

Albert Tucker  Albert Tucker art

Planets in colour spectrum

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Planets in colour spectrum is

Planets in colour spectrum has been inspired by a recent artwork of Mark Kulaga, M.Ed’s about life, death and Love, the canvases are the initial sketch in Turner Oil paints and are ready to be developed into something amazing.


Planets in colour spectrum

Artist Birthday 28th January, Jackson Pollock

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Artist Birthday 28th January

Paul Jackson Pollock was born in Cody USA on 28th January 1912

He is well known world wide for his struggle with Alcohol as well as his fascinating painting style of abstract expressionism.

Pollock died in Springs USA after crashing his car after drinking.

Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock art


Artist birthday, 27th January, Hendrick Avercamp.

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Artist Birthday 27th January

Hendrick Avercamp was born in Amsterdam on 27th January 1585

He was a landscape painter who often worked on paper to sketch and then painted over them.

Hendrick died in Kempen in the Netherlands on 15th May 1634

Hendrick Avercamp  Hendrick Avercamp art

Workshop with Warrington Art Group

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Workshop with Warrington Art Group

Landscape after Caspar David Friedrich

An excellent turnout for the Warrington Art Group to complete an oil painting of a winter landscape after Caspar David Friedrich

Landscape after Caspar David Friedrich.

Landscape after Caspar David Friedrich.


Winter Landscape after Caspar David Friedrich

Winter Landscape after Caspar David Friedrich


Artist Birthday 26th January, Rupprecht Geiger

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Artist Birthday 26th January

Rupprecht Geiger was born in Munich Germany on 26th January 1908

He started work as an architect but is well known for his colour fields of painting and his absalute passion for the colour red.

Geiger died in Munich on 6th December 2009

Rupprecht Geiger  Rupprecht Geiger art

Artist Birthday 25th January, Govert Flinck

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Artist Birthday 25th January

Govert Teuniszoon Flinck was born in Kleve the Dutch Republick on the 25th January 1615.

He was a painter urging the Dutch golden age and worked with the likes of Rembrandt who finished some of his work after his death.

Govert died in Amsterdam on 2nd February 1660.

Govern Finck  Govern Finck art