After the storm Turner after Turner

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After The Storm Turner after Turner

After the storm is a painting I have wanted to paint this picture for so long as it means so much to me.

After the storm after Turner

I am extremely pleased with the outcome and I’ve not even glazed it yet.

I have been looking at this painting After the storm by J M W Turner for many years be it in a book or a print, and last year when I went down to London on a visit I saw it first hand, for me it was one of J M W Turners simplest of paintings that focused you straight into the dog, It got me thinking, Why has he made it so simple to view the painting, and then it came to me, you can imagine the silence after the storm being broken by the dog, is it a warning not to sit back on our laurels as nothing in life is so calm, there is always something about to rock the boat and our world at the same time, so when you stand in front of a Turner and you think you understand it, think again as everything that J M W Turner painted had something hidden within the work.

I found it a relatively easy piece to paint although I know I can improve on it, and that’s the joy, just knowing that the next time I paint it I can make it that bit better.

This particular painting is relatively small, measuring 40cm x 30cm oil on canvas, 4 coats of my own made gesso and then using my Turner oil paints I did an imprimatur in Raw Sienna before continuing the with the painting.

The painting beginning was basically large blocking in then moving to the medium blocking in and finally the smaller details.

After the painting had all the details I required, I finished off with a small amount of impasto to bring out the highlights.

All that is required now is a few glazing coats and its ready to sell.

M A Turner.


Turner Oil Paints in the Taylor Gallery

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Turner Oil Paints in the Taylor Gallery

Turner oil paints are now in the Taylor gallery Warrington, you can see a selection on show along with our Alkyd medium, brush sets, chalk and marble dust, They are displayed as an artwork.

Turner oil paints looking good in the Taylor Gallery

Turner oil paints looking good in the Taylor Gallery.

We are pleased to have our oil colours in the Taylor gallery as we don’t just see them as the tools of the artist, but as art them selves, in the display we have a small copy of a Seago painted by our very own Turner.

The quality of the paints are superb and lend themselves to both Direct and indirect painting giving the professional and amateur artist the most important tools to work with, we are constantly looking at our paints and trying them out with different Master techniques to see if we can improve on our already amazing quality.

We are continuing to look at increasing the range without over saturating the lines in order to maintain the skills of the artist and painter among our shoppers to continue to mix paint the traditional way in order to achieve a given colour hue.

Marc A Turner runs regular courses using the paints, so if someone wants to try them out, just come along to a course and have a go. Try out a basic oil course or if you are a confident painter, try one of our Master painting workshops and paint something to be proud of.

We at Turner Oil Colours believe that all artist should be able to use the finest quality materials at competitive prices.


Rembrandt Portraits in Historic deal

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Rembrandt portraits

2 Rembranbt portraits purchased by 2 nations.

The portrait of Meneer day.

Marten Soolmans

Maerten Soolmans

Oopgen Coppit

France and Hollancd got together to purchase two Rembrandt portraits and made an historic event.

the paintings were purchased by the two nations from the Rothchiled family for the sum of €160 million, €80 million each, a sum never before seen for the purchase of art for the public.

The paintings carried out on the wedding day of the 9th June 1633 of  Maerten Soolmans and his fiancé Oopgen Coppit by Rembrandt and completed in 1634, they measure 209.5cm x 134.5cm. (82 inches x 52 inches)

Due to this amazing teamwork with France and Holand, the paintings are guarrentead to stay together as it was feared that if a private bidder got them, they would have been separated for financial gain.

The paintings have only been shown once over the past 150 years but after an initial display at the Louvre in Paris within the next couple of weeks, they will be then sent to Holland for extensive restoration and then shared between the Louvre in France and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam Holland for the world to view.

the paintings are both painted in a low key and wide range in typical

Artist Birthday 10th February, Fyodor Tolstoy

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Artist Birthday 10th February

Count Fyodor Petrovich Tolstoy was born in St Petersburg Russia on 10th February 1783
He was a painter but did many things; wax-reliefs, watercolours, medallions, and silhouettes
Count Tolstoy died on 17th April 1873.

Fyodor Tolstoy  Fyodor Tolstoy art

Turner Oil painting course at Fairfield

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Turner Oil painting course at Fairfield

 Turner oil painting course at Fairfield was a success and everyone made excellent progress with working with values.

Oil course at Fairfield

Practice in using values in painting.

Practice in using values in painting.

Students practice in painting using values with just Black and White oil paint.

Students practice in painting using values with just Black and White oil paint.

image image image image image image image image


U3A Basic oil course

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U3A Basic oil Painting course

The U3A basic oil course went really well, an excellent team.

U3ABasic oil image

Gerhard Richter, Birthday (Visual Artist)

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Gerhard Richter was born in Dresden on 9th February 1932.
He is a Visual Artist who has photo-realistic art as well as Abstract, he was criticised for his painting of abstract portraits so he painted hid daughter in a realistic manner to supress the critics.
His work has sold for 24 million.
Gerhard still lives in Germany and for me he is a modern day Master painter.

gerhard Richter  Gerhard Richter Elle



Artist Birthday 6th February, Karel Wellens 1889

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Artist Birthday 6th February

Karel Wellens was born in Lummen in Belgium on 6th February 1889.

He was the son of a beer brewer and he showed a talent for art at a very early age and was encouraged buy family and friends to progress in his talent, Karel met with Jos Damien 10 years his elder and they became life long friends.

Karel was affected by the trauma and cruelty he witnessed during the 1914 to 1918 war and it had a profound affect to his work, eventually he managed to see the beauty in nature and  succeeded in capturing it perfect in his paintings.

In 1921 he met and married Madeleine Port and settled down in Hasselt where they had a son and called him Eugene.

Karel died in Hasselt Belgium in 1958 at the age of 69.

Karel Wellens art  Karel Wellens landscape  Karel wellens room

Artist Birthday 4th February 1881, Fernand Léger

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Artist Birthday 4th February

Joseph Ferdinand Henri Léger Was born in Argentan France on 4th February 1881

His work moved from cubism to pop art

Fernand died in Gif-sur-Yvette 17th August 1955

Ferdinand Ledger  Ferdinand Ledger art