Artist Birthday 27th April 1857, Theodor Kittelsen (Norwegian Artist)

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Artist Birthday 27th April 1857 Theodor Kittelsen

Theodor Severin Kittelsen was born in Kragero Norway on 27th April 1857

He is one of Norway’s best known artist, he started his artistic career at the age of 17 after taking an apprenticeship as a watch maker at the age of 11, Theodor was lucky enough to study in Norway, Germany and France as he built up his reputation for illustrations of Fairy tails Trolls and pictures of nature.

Theodor unfortunately suffered from ill health and died a broken man on 21st January 1914.

Theodor Kittelsen  Theodor Kittelsen art

Artist Birthday 26th April 1798, Eugene Delacroix (French Romantic Painter)

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Artist Birthday 26th April 1798

Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delaxroix was born in Saint Maurice en Chalencon France on 26th April 1798

Eugene was passionately in love with passion and put all his energy into his work, he din illustrations for the works of the likes of William Shakespeare and Johann Goerthe.

Eugene Delaxroix died in Paris on 13th August 1863

Eugene Delacroix   Eugene Delacroix orphan girl   Eugene Delacroix F banknote

Artist Birthday 25th April 1921, Karel Appel (Modern artist)

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Artist Birthday 25th April 1921

Karel Appel was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands on 25th April 1921

He started painting at the very early age of 14 and became one of the founder members of the movement Cobra in 1948.

Karel died in Zurich Switzerland on 3rd May 2006.

Karel Appel   Karel Appel art

Artist Birthday Late April 1799, J M W Turner (English Painter)

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Artist Birthday Late April 1799, J M W Turner

Joseph Mallard William Turner was born in Barnstaple Devon some time in late April or early May and is probably the most well known artist and painter in the modern world, he started his painting career as a watercolourist but at the age of 21 he discovered oil painting.

His painting the fighting  Temaraire was voted the UK,s most loved painting.

Joseph died London on 19th December 1851

J M W Turner    J W M Turner art

Painting after J W M Turner by Marc A Turner in tribute to the greatest master painter of all time.

Painting after J W M Turner by Marc A Turner in tribute to the greatest master painter of all time.

Artist Birthday 22nd April 1917, Sidny Nolan (Austrailian Painter)

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Artist Birthday 22nd April 1917

Sir Robert Sidney Nolan was born in Austrailian on 22nd April 1917

sidney was one of Austrailias leading modern artist of the 20th century and helped for the stile of Austrailian art of today.

Sidney moved to London where he died on 28th November 1992

Sir Sidney Nolan

Sidney Nolan art




Red Landscape oil on canvas

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Red Landscape oil on canvas 50cm by 50cm

Red Landscape

I was recently teaching a class on Creative oil painting and asked the class to decide in just a couple of words what I should paint, Red, Landscape and Triangle and circle was the outcome so that is what I painted and I am extremely pleased with it as it has a lot of depth and atmosphere to it.