Turners Painting School, learn to paint the correct way, in a brilliant environment

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Turners Painting School

Turners Painting School  is dedicated to teaching the methods and techniques of painting as used by the great master painters old and new.

The Location of Turners Painting School

Turners Painting School is located in the wonderful grounds of Walton Hall and Gardens  in Warrington Cheshire, we have the wonderful gardens complete with woodland, a carp pond and also a small zoo, the hall is a magnificent building, there is so much to paint right at the heart of our school.

The School

Turner’s Painting School is a well designed painting school equipped with almost everything one could ever wish for in a painting school and studio, this is the perfect place to learn how to paint the correct way. We believe that learning how to use oil paints and painting mediums is fundamental to improving your painting creations and here at Turner’s Painting school you will be learning the skills required in a purpose designed painting school with the guidance of our founder Marc A Turner.


We run regular courses, workshops and demonstrations throughout the year, just click on the link below and brows through the site.


and look for a course that suits you, are you a complete beginner or someone just wanting to improve your skills in oil paints,or have you ever wanted to paint like one of the master painters, JMW Turner, Edward Seago, Monet, Vincent Van Gogh or one of many more master painters, Marc A Turner has a vast knowledge in the methods and techniques of many of the master painters and he loves nothing more that sharing his knowledge with like minded people or anyone wishing to learn how to paint using the skills passed on throughout the centuries.

Purchase a course

Courses are available through the website where you can also buy gift vouchers, you can also purchase from the school and you can get any value from £5 upwards, an ideal present for a friend or loved one.

A note from Marc A Turner

Learning to Paint correctly is a life long learning process and we can all continue to learn from continued practice along with the continued learning from people who have the knowledge and are happy to pass on that knowledge, here at Turner’s Painting School we pride ourselves on passing on that knowledge to our students.

2017 is the year of Painting: Marc A Turner.