After the storm Turner after Turner

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After The Storm Turner after Turner

After the storm is a painting I have wanted to paint this picture for so long as it means so much to me.

After the storm after Turner

I am extremely pleased with the outcome and I’ve not even glazed it yet.

I have been looking at this painting After the storm by J M W Turner for many years be it in a book or a print, and last year when I went down to London on a visit I saw it first hand, for me it was one of J M W Turners simplest of paintings that focused you straight into the dog, It got me thinking, Why has he made it so simple to view the painting, and then it came to me, you can imagine the silence after the storm being broken by the dog, is it a warning not to sit back on our laurels as nothing in life is so calm, there is always something about to rock the boat and our world at the same time, so when you stand in front of a Turner and you think you understand it, think again as everything that J M W Turner painted had something hidden within the work.

I found it a relatively easy piece to paint although I know I can improve on it, and that’s the joy, just knowing that the next time I paint it I can make it that bit better.

This particular painting is relatively small, measuring 40cm x 30cm oil on canvas, 4 coats of my own made gesso and then using my Turner oil paints I did an imprimatur in Raw Sienna before continuing the with the painting.

The painting beginning was basically large blocking in then moving to the medium blocking in and finally the smaller details.

After the painting had all the details I required, I finished off with a small amount of impasto to bring out the highlights.

All that is required now is a few glazing coats and its ready to sell.

M A Turner.


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