Artist Birthday 27th May 1903 Wols German/French Painter

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Artist Birthday 27th May 1903

Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze known as “Wols”, was born in Berlin on 27th May 1903

He was not well known but was very influential to the Tachime movement and considered a pioneer of the Lyrical Abstraction, Wols worked most of his life in France and suffered from ill health.

Wols dies in Paris on 1st September 1951 after getting food poisoning from a hotel meal.

Wolfgang Schulze

Wols art

Wols art

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  1. Susan,
    Thanks for the comment, I think in his time we would of said “he,s a bit of a dandy”, we should bring back the saying and all do some Kyrical Abstraction. It’s sad that he died so young.

    Thanks again Marc;)

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