Turner Basic oils Painting course, Still Life, oil over Tempera after Chardin

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Turner Basic Oil Painting Course

The students on the Turner basic oil painting course carried out a study using distemper to create an under painting and then complete the oil painting over the distemper under painting, the painting of Apples, Pear and a stone cup after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, as we are on week eight of the course everyone managed to put their own mark on the subject with excellent results.

Tutor Study of Apples, pear and a stone cup after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Chardin B Chardin C Chardin G Chardin J Chardin M Chardin P Chardin

The Turner basic oil painting course is structured for the complete beginner or people wishing to get back into oil painting, it deals with many aspects of painting from colour mixing, learning about the values in painting, the basics of 1 and 2 point perspective and a list of painting methods such as direct and indirect painting.

Marc takes the students through a step by step process to get everyone to have a good grounding for painting anything.

The feedback has been positive with students stressing that they have learned more in a few classes than they have learned on any other course.

Marc believes that anyone can learn to paint and encourages everyone to have a go and realise the joy of creating your very own masterpiece.

Happy painting, Marc;)


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