Bistre Experiment using Turner Bistre Oil Paint

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Bistre Experiment using Turner Bistre Oil Paint

This experiment using the Turner Bistre Oil Paint was carried out to push the boundaries of the oil paint and to find out what can be created by firstly only using the Turner Bistre oil paint without adding any other colours as per the painting below.

Later looking at using the Bistre plus Black and White.

What is the painting of: You can decide for your self, is it a painting of space, a painting of a droplet of oil or a crater on the moon, let us know your thoughts on what you think.

Bistre Experiment

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  1. S.G.Holland,
    Thank you for your comment and that is exactly correct, partially due to the way we interpret as individuals and also due to the way the painting was created using the transparency of the Turner Bistre and building up the layers to create form.

    Marc A Turner

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