Art Fair and Artist Pop-Up Studio with Demonstrations

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Art Fair and Artist Pop-Up Studio with Demonstrations

Art Fair

Art Fair and Artist Pop-Up studio

Walton Hall and Gardens

Come and visit no matter what the weather is like we have over 24 Artists working at their stations and selling their wares.

Art Demonstrations:

 Throughout the day there will be demonstrations from Abstract to realism in different mediums.

Art Shop:

 Northwich Art Shop will be there with all the amazing tools that we use to create our art.


The Court Yard Cafe will be open to serve snacks and drinks throughout the day

Hands On:

 Take the opportunity to have a go and create some art.

The Zoo:

 We have an amazing zoo that both the children and adults enjoy and its FREE.

The Gardens:

 Take a walk around the well maintained gardens and enjoy the autumn colours Malcolm Eldridge will be taking a stroll to explore the Autumn Colours.

Children’s Play area:

 A superb play area for the kids to enjoy

No Matter what the weather is like, come on down and have a wonderful day, don’t keep it a secret, tell all your friends and family and make a day of it, there is so much going on.

This event came about after the cancellation of a pop up studio and the thought that all the artist had missed out on something magnificent, the opportunity to hire Walton Hall came up and I just had to take it, this I decided would be a none profit event and would be dedicated to the Artists so that they had the opportunity to showcase their work and sell their wares.

Thank you

A big thank you to Walton Hall and Gardens for giving us this opportunity to put on this event.

The Warrington Art Group for the excellent input from the members, also to the many artists from all over the Northwest who have taken the time and energy to get involved.


Oil Painting after Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

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Oil Painting After Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

This Oil Painting After Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot was the subject of the continued learning in oil paints

The Painting

The painting was completed during the continued learning course so that the students could grasp the understanding of using an Ebauche painting method as used by the great master painters.

Painting Like the Masters

Marc A Turner runs the Turners Painting School located in Walton Hall and Gardens in Warrington and the current Oil Painting After Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot is part on the subject matter for the continued learning and impressionist workshops.

Booking A Course

To book a course is simple, follow the link via the Turners Painting School, all the required materials needed are supplied by the school, so all you have to do is show up.

The Teaching Method

The teaching method is to Explain, Demonstrate and then Practice and you will be guided through the process so that by the end of the workshop you will have your very own masterpiece


Still Life with a White Mug after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

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Still Life after

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

This Still Life with a White Mug after Chardin was created in the methods of the old masters and using Bistre as an under painting to create the value in the painting.

Still Life with a White Mug after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Still Life with a White Mug

The Under Painting Still Life with a White Mug

The under-painting of the Still Life with a White Mug after Chardin was created using the traditional method of using Bistre but as an oil paint rather than an ink.

Adding the Colour

Adding the colour to the under painting is a skill in its self, it is important to lay the glazing layers extremely thin and translucent in order to view the value in the under painting that was created by the Bistre  it is also important to make sure the Bistre under painting is completely dry before attempting to ad the glazing colour.

Value over Colour

The most important thing in this painting is the value over the colour, you can paint anything in any colour so long as the value is correct, it is the value within the painting that gives you the vision.

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Considered the master of still life, had a great understanding of the value within the composition and was able to add colour but maintain the defined focus on the painting.

The Colours used
Viridian Green Hue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Vermilion, Ivory Black and Turner Bistre Oil.

The process of painting Still Life with a White Mug

The process of creating the painting is to start with a gesso primed support followed by an imprimatura, than a sketch, be it in pencil or paint, then completing the under painting in Bistre and after it is completely dry adding the colour glazing in-order to create the perfect painting.

There is always something to learn from copying the masters.

Still Life with a white Mug under painting after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

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Still Life with a white mug under painting

This painting of Still life with a White Mug after Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin

Bistre Under Painting

Still Life with a White Mug Under Painting

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin 

Known as the master of still life, he was born in Paris on 2nd November 1699

Painting an under painting

This copy of Still Life with a White Mug under painting was carried out using Turner Bistre Oil Paint many of the great master painters would carry out an under painting in Bistre and then put glazing coats over the top, the under painting must be completely dry before attempting  colour glazing to create the perfect painting.

Creating an under painting

When creating an under painting in the manner of the great masters, it is essential to make sure your support, be it canvas or panel is completely gessoed ready for painting, remember to cover the support with at least 4 coats of gesso with each coat spreading in alternative directions.

The process

Once the support is completely dry you can cover it with an imprimatura this is the first paint layer or the colour beginning and means to spread a thin layer of transparent paint over the whole support. next you can complete the sketch in graphite or paint and then work on the darkest dark’s and the lightest lights, gradually working through the mid tones, remember there are normally ten values in a painting and the more you use the more realistic the painting will look.

Turner Bistre Oil

Turner Bistre Oil paint is the only Bistre Oil Paint available in the world and can be obtained from a selected few suppliers, check out Turner Artist Colours where you can find a supplier or go to the Turners Painting School Bistre.

Good luck with your paintings and most importantly, “Enjoy”.

Free Painting Demonstrations

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Free Painting Demonstrations

The free painting demonstrations went exceptionally well with quite a few paintings completed and lots of viewers.

The 1st painting

The 1st painting just had to be a summer painting of the beach the lovely sand dunes with the sea in the background

The 2nd Painting

The 2nd painting is in memory of my brother Nigel chilling at Bala Lake in Wales with his family

A collection of the paintings

Here is a collection of the paintings and the beginning of my last but unfinished painting  The Fall of Anarchy after JMW Turner.


Source: Free Painting Demonstration

Plein Air painting at IKEA Warrington

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Plein Air Painting at IKEA Warrington

Had a fantastic day at IKEA Warrington En Plein Air

Painting in Turner Bistre Oil

Painting in Turner Bistre Oil is a wonderful experience with its translucent quality it is so easy to make it feel like a warm or cool colour as it mixes so well with other paints.

The Day

The afternoon was spent by meeting up in the cafe for a quick drink and then off we went to explore Ikea and the grounds

Turner Bistre Oil Paint by Turner Artist Oil Colours

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Turner Bistre Oil

This amazing product Turner Bistre Oil is the creation of Marc A Turner and Turner Artist Colours and is available on the open market as the only Bistre Oil Paint.

Turner Paints in Bistre Oil

Using Turner Bistre

The photo above shows Marc A Turner using the Turner Bistre Oil to recreate a master copy after Sir Luke Fildes Sweet Quiet Rest in the Warrington Museum in April 2017

What is Bistre

Bistre has been used since the first century AD but became very popular in the 16th and 17th century, it is manufactured from the soot of Birch and or Beech wood after going through a thorough process of eliminating any contaminants and foreign matter  it is finally ground and mixed with the finest refined linseed oil.

Where can it be used

Traditionaly it was used in a ink for to create paintings that have value to them, and like a painting made in Black known as a Grisaille, the Brown painting is known as a Brunaille.

Shakespeare The Modern Man at the TAE17

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Shakespeare The Modern Man at TAE17

In 2016 I was lucky enough to sell my postcard size painting in New York, this year I painted

Shakespeare the modern man

Twitter Art Exhibition 2017

David Sandum

David Sandum, the founder of the Twitter Art Exhibition has given artist a way of getting on the platform without worrying about being judged and supporting charity’s at the same time.

Cat Salter-Smith

The curator for TAE17, Cat Salter-Smith and her team did an amazing job and worked extremely hard for many months to create an amazing exhibition in the Stratford Art House

.In support of Molly Olly’s at Statford-up-on-Avony. My little postcard size painting of Shakespeare The Modern Man sold and along with all the entrants it will help to support this years charity.

Shakespeare the modern man

The painting was created by using traditional methods using hand made gesso with marble dust, Turner Bistre Oil and then glazed to create a mini master painting


Next year its down under  with Kylie Fogarty as Curator and the charity is Pegasusact