Artist Birthday 10th June 1819, Gustave Courbet French Painter

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Artist Birthday 10th June 1819, Gustave Courbet

Gustave Courbet, (Jean Desire) was born in Onans, Doubs France on 10th June 1819

He was a prolific painter of realism and liked to paint real life. He spent many years copying the Spanish, Flemish and French Masters, Gustave was to lead the way in the realist movement of the 19th century.

Gustave died from over drinking in Switzerland on 31st December 1877.

Gustave Curbet   Gustave Curbet art

Artist Birthday 9th June 1597, Pieter J Saenredam, Dutch Painter

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Artist Birthday 9th June 1597, Pieter J Saenredam

Pieter Jansz Saenredam was born in Assendelft in the Netherlands on 9th June 1597

Pieter was from an artistic family and his career began in the Dutch Golden age, when old enough he moved to Haarlem where he joined the Haarlem Guild of St Luke.

He was extremely meticulous in his painting and would spend months measuring the inside of the churches that he painted, he left out all of the details including the furniture and carvings and would render all the walls in white to create the atmosphere.

Pieter died in Haarlem on 31st May 1664.

Pieter J Saenredam    Pieter J Saenredam art

Artist Birthday 8th June 1829 John Everett Millais, English Painter

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Artist Birthday 8th June 1829, John Everett Millais

Sir John Everett Millais was born in Southampton England on 7yh June 1829

John was a child prodigy and the youngest person the enter the Royal academy at the age of 11 , he was the first Baronet of the PRA, he was founders of the Pte-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

John died in London on 13th August 1855.

John Everett Millais   John Everett Millais art

Artist Birthday 7th June 1848 Paul Gouguin French Artist

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Artist Birthday 7th June 1848 Paul Gouguin

Paul Gouguin (Eugene Henri) was born in Paris on 7th June 1848

At a young age he traveled to Peru with his family, his father died on the way, eventually they returner to France where he would start his career as a stock broker, after getting married he moved to Denmark where he was a salesman, after 11 years his relationship broke down and he began to paint full time.

Paul has moved through many different methods of painting, from impressionism, Cloisonnism, Synthetist and eventually Post-impressionist.

He has influenced many modern artist such as Picasso and Matisse.

Paul died suddenly in Atuona French Polynesia on 8th May 1903.

Paul Gougin   Paul Gougin Art


Artist Birthday 6th June 1844 Konstantin Savitsky Russian Painter

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Artist Birthday 6th June 1844 Kanstantin Savinsky

Konstantin Apollonovich Stavinsky was born in Taganrog Russia on 6th June 1844

He took to sketching at a very early age but was unfortunate to loos his parents by the time he was 15 years old, he was sent to boarding school by his uncle where he achieved the highest grades in art.

Konstantin was a realist painter and Co-artist who set up a mobile art exhibition (Peredvizhniki) the society of traveling art exhibitions.

Konstantin died in Penza Russia on 13th February 1905.

Konstantin Savitsky   Konstantin Savitsky art

Artist Birthday 5th June 1885 Andre Lhote French Artist.

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Artist Birthday 5th June 1885 Andre Lhote

Andre Lhote was born in Bordeaux France on 5th June 1885

He was a cubist painter and would work in all genres such as portraiture, landscapes, figurative and still life he was also a teacher of painting.

Andre died in Paris France on 24th January 1962

Andre Lhote   Andre Lhote art

Artist Birthday 4th June 1934 Carl Fredrik Reutersward (Swedish artist)

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Artist Birthday 4th June 1934, Carl Fredrik Reutersward

Carl Fredrik Reutersward was born in Stockholm Sweden on 4th June 1934.

He was a well known artist and became famous for hid sculptor of a revolver with the barrel tied in a knot, carl worked and studied in Paris and later became the professor of painting at the academy of fine arts in Stockholm.

Carl died of pneumonia in Landskrona Sweden on 3rd May 2016

Carl Fredrik Reutersward   Carl Fredrik art

In 2011 he designed a sculptor of an exclamation mark that he named, “Take care of the Earth”.


Artist Birthday 3rd June 1881 Mikhail Larionov Russian Painter

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Artist Birthday 3rd June 1881 Mikhail Larionov

Mikhail Fyodorovich Larionov was born in Tiraspol Moldova on 3rd June 1881

He was well traveled and met many fine painters, in 1880 he started to paint in the impressionist manner and then moved on to Post-Impressionist and Neo-Primitive.

Mikhail was one of the founding members of the Jack of Diamonds and the Donkey’s tail groups but he also created Rayonism.

Mikhail died in Fontenay-aux-Roses in France on 10th May 1964.


Mikhail Larionov   Mikhail Larionov art

Artist Birthday 2nd June 1759 Jan Ekels the younger

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Artist Birthday 2nd June 1759 Jan Ekels the younger

Jan Ekels the younger was born in Amsterdam on 2nd June 1759

He was a Dutch painter of genre and a copier of the master painters.

Jan died in Amsterdam in 1793.

Jan Ekels, the younger   Jan Ekels the younger art

Artist Birthday 1st June 1936 Gerald Scarfe (British Illustrator)

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Artist Birthday 1st June 1936

Gerald Anthony Scarfe CBE  RDI was born in London on 1st June 1936

He suffered with ill health as a youngster so spent many hours drawing, as a young man he drew caricatures of famous people and they were portrayed in the private eye magazine.

Gerald worked for the Sunday Times and even did the artwork for the album cover The Wall by Pink Floyd

Gerald Scarfe  Gerald Scarfe art

Gerald Scarf official website is: