Sébastien Bourdon, Birthday 1616

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Sébastien Bourdon was born in Montpellier France on 2nd February 1616.
His Chef dóeuvre was the Crucifixion of St Peter for Notre Dame.
He was a Baroque painter, draftman and engraver.
Sébastied died in Paris on 8th May 1671.

Sébastien Bourdon self portrait

Michelangelo Corquozzi, Birthday 1602

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Michelangelo Corquozzi was born in Rome on 2nd or 18th February
Called dells Battaglie after his battle paintings.
He was a Baroque painter of the Bomboccanti style
He died in Rome on 6th of April 1660 or 1679!

David and Goliath

Thomas Cole (February 1, 1801 – February 11, 1848)

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Thomas Cole was born on February 1, 1801 in Bolton England, he became an American Landscape artist
He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century.
Cole died on February 11, 1848 in Catskills Ney York

Thomas Cole

Paul Jackson Pollock. Birthday

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Paul Jackson Pollock was a Modern artist of Abstract Expressionism.
Born in Cody Wyoming America on 28th January 1912
Creator of the technique called Drip Painting.
Pollock Died in New York on 11th August 1956.


Franzisca Bernadina Wilhelmina Elisabeth Ney Birthday

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Franzisca Bernadina Wilhelmina Elisabeth Ney was a Realist Sculpture.
Born in Münster, Germany on 26th January 1833.
Elisabeth was famous at the age of 30 and sculpted Otto van Bismarck amongst others.
She went on a hunger strike until her farther allowed her to go to the art academy.
Elisebeth Died on 29th June 1907 in Austin Texas.

Realist, sculpture.

Realist, sculpture.

Èdoard Manet Birthday

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Édouard Manet was a painter of Realism and Impressionism.
Born on 23rd January 1832 in Paris France
Manet was classically trained but experimented with new techniques.
He was a founding farther of Impressionism.
Manet died on 30 April 1883 in Paris.Édouard Manet

Paul Cézanne Birthday

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Paul Cézanne was a Post-Impressionist and was born on 19th January 1839 in Aix-en-Provence and died on 22nd October 1906 in the same place.
Paul was often called the founder of modern art due to his developed style of painting, he mainly painted still life and landscape’s, he was quite a loner.
Here is a copy of his self portrait.

Berthe Morisot

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Berthe Morisot was born on 14 January 1841 in Bourges, Cher, France, she married at the age of 33 to Eugśne Manet, she became Édouard Manet’s Sister-in-Law. She died in Paris on 2 March 1895.

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John Singer Sargent; born 12 January 1856 in Florance and Died in London on 15 April 1925.

What size brushes do I need for oil painting

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I was asked, ” what brushes do I need for oil painting”?

It depends on whether you want to do Portraits, Landscapes,  thick or thin paint.

In general and if you are just starting out with oils, I would suggest;

A no 2 Flat, a no 4 Filbert, a no 4 Round, a no 8 Filbert, a no 14 Bright and a Palette knife.

An Artist/Painter  judges the quality of a brush based on several factors: filament retention, paint pickup, steadiness of paint release, brush marks, drag and precision painting

I hope that helps.