Artist Birthday 22nd May 1930, Marisol (French sculptor)

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Artist Birthday 22nd May 1930

Maria Sol Escobar known as Marisol was born in Paris on 22nd may 1930

She was a troubled young girl who started drawing as a teenager and was supported by her father in her chosen career, after her family moved to America, she started to study and became a well known influence in the pop art culture in the 1960s, her sculptures were based on photographs that she made 3 dimensional.

Mariso died of pneumonia on 30th April 2016 in Manhattan NYC US.

Marisol   Marisol art

Marisol one legend to be remembered


Artist Birthday 22nd May 1958, John Sisko (American Sculptor)

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Artist Birthday 22nd May 1958

John Sisko was born in Montana USA on 22nd May 1958

He was introduced to the vision of sculptor in the early 1969’s, his vision grew as he moved to Seattle Washington State and became an artist who sculpted bronze in an intellectual and philosophical manner, a man who achieved great success in his chosen career.

Unfortunately John passed away in May 2016, but his legacy lives on.

John Sisko the Sculptor   John Sisko sculptor

Artist Birthday 21st May 1471, Albrecht Durer (German Painter)

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Artist Birthday 21st May 1471

Albrecht Durer was born in Nuremburg Germany on 21st May 1471

He was famous at an early age due to his excellent wood cuts and continued to build his career by traveling and making friends with famous artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci

Albrecht died in Nuremburg Germany on 6th April 1528.

Albrecht Durer   Albrecht Durer art

Artist Birthday 20th May 1856, Henri E Cross (French Painter)

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Artist Birthday 20th May 1856

Henri E Cross was born as Henri Edmond Joseph Delacroix on 20th May 1856 in Douai France.

He was a painter and printmaker who was known as the Master of Neo-Impressionism and he was one of the artist who had a grate influence on the 2nd phase of the movement.

Henri suffered with his eyes late in life and eventually died of cancer in Var France on 16th May 1910.

Henri E Cross   Henri E Cross art

Artist Birthday 19th May, Jacob Jordaens (Flemish Painter)

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Artist Birthday 19th May, Jacob Jordaens

Jacob Jordaens was born in Antwerp Belgium on 19th May 1593

He was one of the best known Baroque painters after Rubens and Van Dyck, he was a painter of History, genre scenes and portraits and also a well known draughtsman, designer and was also  involved with tapestry.

Jacob died of the mysterious Antwerp disease in Antwerp on 18th October 1678.

Jacob Jordaens  Jacob Jordaens portrait work

Jacobs doughter also died at the same time as Jacob from that dreaded Antwerp disease known as “Zweetziekte”.

His son lived on and helped the orphanage by pledging money and the gift of artwork.


Artist Birthday 18th May 1610, Stefano Della Bella (Italian Etcher)

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Artist Birthday 18th May 1610, Stefano Della Bella

Stefano Della Bella was born in Florence Italy on 18th May 1610

He was born into a family of artist and started his career as a gold smith but became an etcher and print maker and worked on many different subjects from court scenes to many military works.

Stefano died in Florence on 12th July 1664


Battle scene

Battle scene


Military artist

Artist Birthday 9th May 1596 Abraham van Diepenbeeck (Dutch Painter)

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Artist Birthday 9th May 1596 Abraham van Diepenbeeck (Dutch Painter)

Abraham van Diepenbeeck  was born in s-Hertogenbosch 9th May 1596

He received a classical education working under and eventually as an assistant to Peter Paul Rubens.

Abraham moved to Antwerp in Belgium where he died in 1675.

Abraham van Diepenbeeck   Abraham van Diepenbeeck art

Artist Birthday 6th May 1880, Ernst Ludwig Kichner (German Artist)

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Artist Birthday 6th May 1880, Ernst Ludwig Kichner

Ernst Ludwig Kichner was born in Aschoffenburg Germany on 6th May 1880

He was one of the founders of Die Brucke or the Bridge which eventually became the bridge to the Expressionist movement,

Ernst suffered with his health due to the pressure of WW1 and eventually took his own life by shooting him self.

Ernst Ludwig Kichner   Ernst Ludwig Kichner art