Oil Painting after Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

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Oil Painting After Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot

This Oil Painting After Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot was the subject of the continued learning in oil paints

The Painting

The painting was completed during the continued learning course so that the students could grasp the understanding of using an Ebauche painting method as used by the great master painters.

Painting Like the Masters

Marc A Turner runs the Turners Painting School located in Walton Hall and Gardens in Warrington and the current Oil Painting After Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot is part on the subject matter for the continued learning and impressionist workshops.

Booking A Course

To book a course is simple, follow the link via the Turners Painting School, all the required materials needed are supplied by the school, so all you have to do is show up.

The Teaching Method

The teaching method is to Explain, Demonstrate and then Practice and you will be guided through the process so that by the end of the workshop you will have your very own masterpiece


Tatton Park Lilly pond Landscape in oils

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Tatton Park Lilly pond Landscape in oils

Tatton Park Lilly pond was painted by Marc A Turner in oils on canvas, the inspiration came from a visit to Tatton Park to carry out Plein air sketching with the Warrington art group, initially the sketch was done as a notan in graphite with a supporting photo and some notes of the direction of the sun and where I wanted to have the focal paint, the weather which was extremely bright on this day made all the trees and the water shimmer, it was quite amazing.

Tatton Lilly pond

Tatton Park Gardens

The painting was made using a canvas support with 4 coats of gesso, then an imprimatura followed by a light sketch, the painting beginning was done using the Turner artist oil colours using cool and warm blues, greens and yellows with the addition of the New Turner Bistre Oil to manage the Values within the painting, the most important aspect of carrying out a painting like this is to get your values correct straight from the beginning.

Tatton Art Exhibition

The painting of Tatton Park Lilly Pond is to be displayed in the Tatton Art Exhibition, (Warrington Art Group Annual Event), from Sunday 20th August until Saturday 3rd September and all the paintings will be on sale unless stated otherwise. The exhibition is being held in the Rotherne Room, the 1st building on your left as you entre the courtyard from the carpark, we are up stairs and it will be well worth the clime up the few steps to see.  The exhibition is also certain to inspire you to take a walk around the beautiful Tatton Gardens to get some inspiration or just feel the tranquility of an amazing place.

Thank you for viewing this blog.

Marc A Turner


Marc A Turner, The Gateway, oil on canvas

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Marc A Turner, The Gateway, oil on Canvas

I was painting at the Warrington Gateway exhibition today and it was thundering and lightening so I painted this picture and called it Marc A Turner, The Gateway, oil on canvas, look extremely closely and you may notice something within the painting that comes to life.

Thank you for looking and thank you to the Staff for putting up with me.

The Gateway oil on canvas

This large painting was done on a canvas support using the Turner Artist oil colours and the new Turner Bistre Oil came in really handy due to its Transparency. I started off with a good ground of Gesso and a nice bright imprimatura before sketching out and painting, once that was done I started the sky using both a cool and a warm blue, with the addition of white where required, moving on to the background and in particular the horizon I used a cool purple then building up as I moved on to the foreground with viridian and some greens I mixed  for the purpose.

As you can see by the water it is mainly a grey green with the addition of a muddy white with some boats added and a few posts, the post help to give the painting depth and make you follow your eye along the estuary towards the focal point, You will notice that the focal point is in the middle of the painting and this was done purposely as I felt it made the overall appearance much more dynamic.

The Gate Way oil on canvas took about 5 hours although I had already prepped the canvas support.

When the painting has completely dried out in a couple of months, I will give it a couple of coats of varnish to finish it off.

The painting will be exhibited at the Castle Park Art Centre and the Chester Art Centre.

I am exceptionally pleased with it, thank you for viewing and any comments would be appreciated.

Marc A Turner

Warrington Art Group Gateway exhibition 13th June until 18th July

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Warrington Art Group Gateway Exhibition

The Warrington Art Group have their 1st Gateway exhibition at the Gateway Community Resource Centre in Warrington Cheshire, we have over 60 works of art in a range of mediums from watercolour through to Oil painting and in many genres from landscape through to abstract art.

The Warrington Art Group Gateway exhibition is free to view and well worth it, come along and see the wonderful art created in Warrington.

You can visit the exhibition from 13th June until the 18th July from 9am until 4.30 pm.

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Many more photos will be added over the next few days so keep returning to the site.

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Weekend sort-out of the Turner Studio

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Weekend sort-out of the Turner Studio

The bank holiday weekend was the perfect time to sort the studio out and get some paintings ready for a sale, one forgets how many paintings one has until the grass diapered in the garden.

A selection for sale

Red Landscape oil on canvas

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Red Landscape oil on canvas 50cm by 50cm

Red Landscape

I was recently teaching a class on Creative oil painting and asked the class to decide in just a couple of words what I should paint, Red, Landscape and Triangle and circle was the outcome so that is what I painted and I am extremely pleased with it as it has a lot of depth and atmosphere to it.


Van Gogh Workshop with Marc A Turner At Castle Park Arts Centre

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Van Gogh Workshop with Marc A Turner At Castle Park Arts Centre

The Van Gogh Workshop went really well and the results were extremely good from everyone, here are the results from some amazingly talented painters.

The painting of Landscape with Green Corn after Vincent Van Gogh was carried out using oil paints of the same colour pigments and using the same techniques from broken dashes through to using the paint straight from the tube and mixing on the support.

As Vincent originally painted the Landscape with Green Corn, the colours are extremely vibrant and full of life.

Landscape with Green Corn after Vincent Van Gogh by Marc A Turner

Landscape with Green Corn after Vincent Van Gogh by Marc A Turner

Van Gogh Landscape with Green Corn IMG_6377

Student Study after Vincent Van Gogh


Student Study of Landscape with Green Corn


Van Gogh Landscape with green corn, Student Study


A wonderful Student study after Vincent Van Gogh


Student study of Landscape with Green Corn

Van Gogh Student Study

Student study after Van Gogh

Student Study after Van Gogh

Student artwork of Landscape with green corn after Van Gogh

All the work carried out by the students was at an extremely high standard, it was a pleasure


Painting of Warrington from Fox Cemetery

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Painting of Warrington from Fox Cemetery

On 11th March whilst making a painting of Warrington from Fox Cemetery, some walkers came past and asked if they could have a look at how my painting was getting on, James and Doug write a daily blog on their travels and James asked if he could take a photo for his blog, I was delighted as I didn’t have my camera with me and even more delighted to find it on the blog at; www.narrowboatchance.blogspot.com

Unfortunately I hadn’t been there very long so not much of the painting had been done at this stage, it was starting to get cold and within a couple of hours I was forced to give up with frozen fingers.

Photo taken by James from www.narrowboatchance.blogspot.com

Photo taken by James from www.narrowboatchance.blogspot.com    

This is as far as I got before my hands froze

This is as far as I got before my hands froze

Turner Oil painting

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Turner Oil Painting

Cross on a Mountain after Caspar David Friedrich

My Recent demonstration at the Bellhouse Farm Warrington carried out for the Warrington Art Group and I will be doing a workshop step by step tutorial on 25th January.

Cross on a Mountain