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Commissioning Art by Marc A Turner

Abstract Sunrise

As an artist and painter with the name Marc A Turner and who is right handed it has been quite frustrating having Keinbocks disease in my wrist, however due to a conversation on the which included talking about Turner, this painting came about, I was talking on LinkedIn and someone had mentioned that I had no style of painting, I said my style is similar to Turner, the JM Turner not the M A Turner, however it was put to me that I only copy the Master painters, so I painted this with my left hand and posted it, I called it Abstract Sunrise by M A Turner, no copy and straight from my mind.

 I have continued to paint with my left hand as I find it quite easy and I always enjoy the end results.


It now belongs to Joe Gitterman, Sculptor in the Washington Area USA, Joe is a well known and very talented sculptor who has some amazing work in many cities in the USA, I am extremely pleased that Joe also has an original and the first left handed Marc A Turner oil painting.

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  1. Hi Craig,

    How did you get on with Hannah, did you meet up with Steve also. They are great people, so relaxed and polite and not so far from your self also.

    Your website looks good and it’s fantastic work that you are doing with the kids, well done.
    I wish you all the best for the future and I hope things go from good to brilliant.
    Take care marc;)

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