Marc A Turner, The Gateway, oil on canvas

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Marc A Turner, The Gateway, oil on Canvas

I was painting at the Warrington Gateway exhibition today and it was thundering and lightening so I painted this picture and called it Marc A Turner, The Gateway, oil on canvas, look extremely closely and you may notice something within the painting that comes to life.

Thank you for looking and thank you to the Staff for putting up with me.

The Gateway oil on canvas

This large painting was done on a canvas support using the Turner Artist oil colours and the new Turner Bistre Oil came in really handy due to its Transparency. I started off with a good ground of Gesso and a nice bright imprimatura before sketching out and painting, once that was done I started the sky using both a cool and a warm blue, with the addition of white where required, moving on to the background and in particular the horizon I used a cool purple then building up as I moved on to the foreground with viridian and some greens I mixed  for the purpose.

As you can see by the water it is mainly a grey green with the addition of a muddy white with some boats added and a few posts, the post help to give the painting depth and make you follow your eye along the estuary towards the focal point, You will notice that the focal point is in the middle of the painting and this was done purposely as I felt it made the overall appearance much more dynamic.

The Gate Way oil on canvas took about 5 hours although I had already prepped the canvas support.

When the painting has completely dried out in a couple of months, I will give it a couple of coats of varnish to finish it off.

The painting will be exhibited at the Castle Park Art Centre and the Chester Art Centre.

I am exceptionally pleased with it, thank you for viewing and any comments would be appreciated.

Marc A Turner

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