Shakespeare The Modern Man at the TAE17

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Shakespeare The Modern Man at TAE17

In 2016 I was lucky enough to sell my postcard size painting in New York, this year I painted

Shakespeare the modern man

Twitter Art Exhibition 2017

David Sandum

David Sandum, the founder of the Twitter Art Exhibition has given artist a way of getting on the platform without worrying about being judged and supporting charity’s at the same time.

Cat Salter-Smith

The curator for TAE17, Cat Salter-Smith and her team did an amazing job and worked extremely hard for many months to create an amazing exhibition in the Stratford Art House

.In support of Molly Olly’s at Statford-up-on-Avony. My little postcard size painting of Shakespeare The Modern Man sold and along with all the entrants it will help to support this years charity.

Shakespeare the modern man

The painting was created by using traditional methods using hand made gesso with marble dust, Turner Bistre Oil and then glazed to create a mini master painting


Next year its down under  with Kylie Fogarty as Curator and the charity is Pegasusact 


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