Turner Basic Oil Painting Course at Castle Park Art Centre 29th March 2016

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Turner Basic Oil Course at Castle Park Art Centre

what a brilliant result from a group of excellent students at the Turner basic oil course at the Castle Park Art Centre, It was an excellent venue with the right atmosphere and brilliant lighting for everyone on the course and as you can see, excellent results.

The colour wheel image image image

The work was based on creating a colour wheel using only the 3 primary colours but in both the warm and the cool range of each colour, we then mixed the secondary colours, as this is the basic course it is important not to try to take to much knowledge in all at once and to constantly repeat the information so it becomes second nature, once the basics are grasped and fully understood it makes everything in the future easier to understand.

Value scale

we created a value scale in black and white and a further scale using red and green so this can be used as a reference for the future.

Also not how clean and tidy the painting palettes are.



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