Artist Birthday 30th March,Vincent Van Gogh, (Dutch Artist)

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Artist birthday 30th March 1853

Vincent Willem van Gogh was born in Zundert NL on 30th March 1853.
He is one of the most well known painters of all time, and his work is still a great influence on many artist and painters of our day, Vincent covered most fields of painting including, still life, portrait painting, and landscape painting both En plain air and studio work, his last two years of his life were by far the most productive but unfortunately the pressure of a bad live work relationship took its toile on his health and his ability to communicate with the people around him, after a falling out with Paul Gauguin he cut a piece of his earlobe off in frustration,  much of the last two years of his life he spent in a self committed asylum in Saint Remy where after a short period of time he started painting continuously from everything from a room to a corridor and the surrounding country side.

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent died in Auvers-sur-Oise, France on 29th July 1890 after an infection from Shooting himself

Vincent van Gohg art

Landscape with Green Corn after Vincent Van Gogh by Marc A Turner

Landscape with Green Corn after Vincent Van Gogh by Marc A Turner (Tribute)

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